Chris Tacon

Executive Director - Global Office

Global Office help transform businesses through better customer experiences, interaction with employees and greater organisational control and visibility.
Chris is CEO and founder of Global Office, a cloud-based provider of bespoke software solutions.  He is a life-long technology enthusiast who has managed software development teams since 1998.
Chris and his team at Global Office have worked on a wide variety of exciting projects including the production management system for the world’s largest sports retailer, the membership portal for New Zealand Midwives and delivery software for New Zealand’s largest brewery.
Proudly Christchurch based, Chris is a firm believer that New Zealand produces some of the best innovative thinkers in the world and strongly believes that, despite all the technology involved, software development is dependent upon the right people and personalities involved.
Chris has a particular interest in emerging technologies and their impact on businesses and likes nothing more than discussing what the future may look like.